Residential Flooring

Vinyal flooring

Vinyl flooring is tough, scratch resistant, waterproof and long-lasting, while also being one of the least expensive flooring types. It's water resistant nature makes it ideal for use in wetter rooms like the bathroom and kitchen. Vinyl floors are available in a wide range of styles and designs, which can mimic wood, tiles, stone and even metal, offering a choice of various different colours and hues. It is easy to clean and can come cushioned, which makes it softer and therefore kind to the feet when walking on it.

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Carpet offers warmth, comfort and a wide range of colours and designs for the floor. They are gentle on the feet and if maintained properly can be durable and provide years of good service. While not ideal for every room in the house, they are particularly suited to cosy environments like bedrooms. While many carpets come in synthetic fibres, real wool products are also available and there is a variety of styles including different texture to choose from.

Solid Wood Flooring

A real wood floor is a thing of beauty and can come in many varieties, with different styles, finishes, patterns and materials, meaning there should be something for every taste. Such floors can also come in solid wood and engineered wood types, which offer different attributes and will suit different situations. Maple Flooring is one of the more popular types of wood in this range. Bamboo Flooring, is a new age hardwood that many people are using.

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Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring is constructed of three layers of products, which include a hardwood layer on top, with the three layer firmly pressed together. The top layer is responsible for the appearance of the floor surface and is usually about 2 - 6 mm thick, while the middle layer adds strength and the bottom layer balances it all out. This structure means an engineered floor can be installed as a floating floor on top of any kind of subfloor and is the easiest way to install a floor.